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Fayence Hideaway

Nestled away from the grandeur of Château de Farcheville, Fayence is your secluded sanctuary for an unmatched honeymoon experience. A world apart yet easily reachable, this special location promises complete privacy and indulgence, set against the backdrop of the South of France’s breathtaking landscapes. Fayence is a perfect retreat, not immediately adjacent to the castle, offering you intimacy with the same level of luxury and service.

Picture yourselves unwinding in the master suite, with every detail crafted for romantic moments. Alongside this, there are additional rooms for any personal staff you may choose to bring. A pool to dip into the essence of relaxation and a kitchen to savor intimate meals prepared by your own chef—Fayence is a canvas for your love story, painted with the brush of opulent serenity.

Château farcheville

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Château de farcheville

Residential Amenities

  • Master suite designed for luxury

  • Guest rooms

  • Private outdoor pool

  • Pool house

  • Studio for staff

  • Full service options

  • Transport

  • On-site Chef

  • Cleaning

  • Nearby golf

  • Perfume factory tours

  • Wireless Internet
  • Glider flights tours

  • Concierge Service
  • Cultural excursions

  • Visit renowned cities like Monaco

  • Seaside view
  • Boat rentals


Amazing Views

Indulge in Fayence’s seaside sanctuary, post-wedding luxury redefined. Panoramic views, sun-kissed mornings, and starlit evenings await in this tranquil coastal abode. Revel in bespoke service, delightful tranquility, and a haven of romance made just for two. Let the rhythmic waves narrate your love story.

« A marvelous place, you need to be there to understand. Absolutely worth a visit. »


« Amazing place. Amazing people. Amazing experience. Simply amazing all around. »


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