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Golfing Expeditions at Château de Farcheville

Prepare to indulge in the grandeur of French golfing with an exceptional outing arranged by Château de Farcheville. While the enchanting château grounds don’t feature a golf course of their own, the concierge service is adept at facilitating excursions to the finest nearby greens. These bespoke golfing expeditions are perfect for wedding guests seeking a leisurely interlude or an engaging group activity amidst the celebrations.

Find serenity on the course as you embark on a golfing journey that mirrors the timeless elegance of your Château de Farcheville wedding. Each swing becomes part of the celebration, set against the lush backdrop of the French countryside.

Our concierge will deftly handle all arrangements, including transport and tee time reservations, ensuring you can approach the tee with a mind as clear as the sky above.