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Equestrian Elegance: Horse Riding

Experience the timeless tradition of horse riding at Château de Farcheville, where equestrian grace meets the majesty of our historic estate. Mounted on our gentle steeds, meander through 250 hectares of lush forest and parkland, or indulge in the bespoke experience of a ride within the château’s own verdant grounds.

Beneath a canopy of ancient trees and across the storybook landscapes of Farcheville, the noble spirit of horse riding beckons, offering a journey not just across the land, but into the soul of chivalry and romance.

Our nearby equestrian center, just a short distance of 2.4 km from the castle, offers tailored sessions for both beginner and advanced riders. We provide not only the transport but also, if necessary, riding boots, ensuring you are fully equipped for your adventure. And for a touch of whimsy, meet Hakuna & Matata, our resident Shetland ponies, who charm all who visit.

Whether you seek a serene solo ride or a guided group excursion, horse riding at Château de Farcheville is an opportunity to connect with nature, creating memories that will gallop alongside you for years to come. Delight in the beauty of our private haven, and let the rhythmic cadence of the horses’ hooves echo the heartbeat of the French countryside.