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A Toast to Tradition: Champagne Tasting & Sabrage

At the historic Château de Farcheville, we invite you to indulge in the opulent world of Champagne through our exclusive Champagne Tasting & Sabrage experience. Savor the effervescence of France’s finest Champagnes in the castle’s atmospheric 1930s-style bar, Le Bar 1930, nestled in the cellar of the château. Each sampling is a journey through the subtleties of aroma, taste, and the rich histories of renowned vineyards.

Imbibe the essence of celebration at Château de Farcheville, where the historic art of Sabrage brings to life the sparkle of Champagne, marrying luxury with legend in every polished sip.

In a spectacle of tradition and excitement, guests are offered the chance to partake in the art of Sabrage, the ceremonious technique of opening a Champagne bottle with a saber. This historic ritual, which dates back to the times of Napoleon, is not only a thrilling performance but also a memorable way to commemorate your special day or to add a touch of drama to your wedding celebration.