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Orangerie Events at Château de Farcheville

Orangerie events at Château de Farcheville are where dreams are given space to flourish. A timeless venue set against the canvas of our historic castle, the Orangerie merges the grace of old-world charm with the functionality and versatility needed for modern celebrations. Be it a majestic wedding, an exclusive concert, or an opulent gala, the Orangerie is poised to accommodate your grandest visions.

Within the storied walls of the Orangerie, the pulse of heritage beats in time with the rhythm of modern celebration, ensuring every event is not just held, but royally enshrined.

Spanning an impressive 600 square meters with a parking capacity for 150 cars just outside, the space is a testament to architectural splendor that comfortably hosts your guests year-round. Whether you desire an intimate gathering under the glittering chandeliers or a lavish affair that spills out onto the castle grounds, experiences are crafted to your exacting standards.

Just a mere 45-minute drive from the vibrant heart of Paris, our Orangerie is perfectly secluded to ensure privacy and exclusivity. As part of your event, full access to various reception areas of the château is granted. Tailor your event with our professional coordination and watch as every detail is finessed to mirror a royal fête.